Children In Need…?

Each year, for Children in Need, our primary school comes up with a theme for the day. The children dress up accordingly and pay £1 towards the charity for the privilege of not wearing school uniform.

Sometimes it’s easy, and others… not so much. This time the theme was spots. I have five boys and, however you feel about gender stereotyping, they just don’t make many spotty clothes for boys, so we don’t have any in our vast textile arsenal.

This morning, our post-breakfast, pre-school time was spent frantically drawing and colouring in spots on old white polo shirts (of which, mercifully, we have a mountain)… and then adding a few pom-poms for good measure.

Here are two of my goons sporting their creations in the early November morn. We are thanking our lucky stars it’s a sunny day and the spots won’t run in the rain… 😉

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