5 thoughts on “Pottergate

  1. Really lovely shot Alice.
    I am simply addicted to the square shape of medium format too.
    Great to see so much black and white film photography on WordPress these days. Long may it last.
    Really enjoying your blog by the way.

    • Thank you Dave.
      Jem and I seem to be turning our home into a private medium-format-camera museum lately…! There’s little to match it, is there?

  2. I know what you are saying. I only turned back to film photography a few months back and recently I counted 9 cameras in different locations around my house. I try to leave them in different rooms so my wife can’t figure out exactly how many I have. Devious, I know, but it works for me.

    • Yup! Jem just counted… gulp… 21 between us. Being a joint vice, there don’t appear to be any brakes…! Trouble is, you can pick most of them up for less than the price of a roll of film!

  3. Seems I’ve got some catching up to do with you guys then.
    I have discovered a sneaky way of bringing new cameras in to the house, I have started buying toy cameras for my three year old son. Obviously he never gets to play with them though. He thinks they are too small, somewhat addicted to my Bronica medium format at the moment. I should be impressed really.
    Take Care.

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