Ensign Ful-Vue Super

This is the little beauty:

Ful-Vue-SuperTaken with a Canon 5D. And this is its gorgeous little waistlevel finder:

Ful-Vue-Super2As you can see, with the sieve-like memory I possess, the only way to remember a) that it is loaded and b) what with, is to stick the end of the box on the back of the body. So, today I shot the last frame of the 12 on a roll of Ilford FP4+ That, in itself, is not thoroughly straightforward since this little camera takes 620 film, which is now pretty much extinct (please, please correct me if I’m wrong!), so it is loaded with 120 film. The plastic spool is trimmed back right up to the beginning of the backing paper roll and then the top and bottom are sanded down to within an inch of their lives. And only then will it fit. Just. Added to which this particular model had difficulties getting past the 10th frame on the two occasions I used it last – years ago – but a small metal washer kindly donated by ‘Imself fixed that problem. I got all the way to the 12th frame.

So tonight, after mixing fresh chemicals and fiddling and fiddling in a dark bag to spool it and get it into the developing tank, with baited breath I developed it.

And look, it worked!


Hung out to dry

negs2And now, the hardest part… I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to scan them and see if they’re any good. *Sigh*

The main issue is usually being a really very poor judge of distance for the rather basic focusing. Keep everything crossed for me! 🙂

(I’m now hatching a plot to stick 35mm film to the backing paper and run a few frames of that through it… *squeee*)

2 thoughts on “Ensign Ful-Vue Super

  1. It’s such a cute little camera, and I’m really pleased with some of the shots. And a bit disappointed in others… 😉

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