Live and Learn

I was gutted about this shot. I think it would have been a corker.
It was dark in the cafe so the Lubitel was resting on a table. I’d set everything up, but released the shutter accidentally whilst trying to prime it.
I wasn’t sure if I had or not, so I risked it and took it again.
The moral of the story is, of course, that cafes don’t move, but people do…
So I have posted this as a Lomo lesson. If you think you’ve exposed it… you probably have! 🙂

Jem at Wicken Fen

Another shot duplicated from the Canon AT-1, but this one with the Lomo Lubitel 2.

I have to say, in spite of the apparent obsession with film cameras just now, if I had to have only 2, they’d be the Canon and the Lomo. Two incredibly different cameras and incredibly different styles. Perfect.

Double-Exposed Norwich


This is my very first double-exposure… which I guess is either an “Ooooh!” or a “Doh!”

It is a photograph of the interior of my favourite Norwich coffee house, the appropriately named “House”, which features fabulous 70s formica-topped tables, lovely comfy sofas, gorgeous lighting (which you can see through the shot) and home-made cakes (which you can’t).

Superimposed is Norwich’s version of the ‘Occupy’ movement – rather subtle and understated, but heart-felt and stoic nonetheless.

Me and my Lubitel

I don’t know if there’s a term for it, but I have long noticed the tendency to photograph oneself with one’s camera. Until I received my ancient Lomo in the post, I didn’t really get it.

I have since termed this tendency “Camera Porn” 😉

This is the third ever shot taken with my Lubitel 2. I’m still trying to work it out, which is plain to see I suspect.


Gates through a different lens

I took a shot of these with my Canon AT-1, which I have already posted, but here is the Lomo version. I have yet to master the slightly seasick feeling it gives me trying to use the waistlevel finder, which is why this is one of several shots that appear more than a little wonky 😉

Lomo Lubitel 2 on Ilford HP5

In other news, I have exposed 2 of the 8 shots on the 127 roll in the Baby Brownie Special. I really have no clue how they’ll turn out, if at all. Your subject needs to be 5 feet away (no focussing capability) and in bright sunlight (no shutter speed or aperture variations and an ISO of 80) – the original point-and-click!

And I am now the proud owner of a very old Box Brownie, and awaiting some 620 film for that.

Exciting times (for me, at least!) 🙂

Cathedral Cloisters

This one was technically a little trickier as it required a shutter speed of 1/30th of a second, which can result in shocking camera shake (especially if you really don’t – like me – have a steady hand!) So I rested the little Russian box on the cloister wall for it.

And there, in all their glory, are my five boys sitting on the wall of the cloisters in Norwich Cathedral.

Shot 2/12 of the first Lomo Lubitel 2 experiment. (The second film is underway, now that I know it works).

Lomo Ted…

It worked!

And far from saving the best till last, I am actually starting with the pick of the crop. This was the first shot I took, more luck than judgement; far from being considered… And I’m thrilled with it. This shot alone makes the whole thing worthwhile for me.

So, here is Ted, in his highchair, in our kitchen, taken with the Lomo Lubitel 2 TLR medium format on Ilford HP5 black and white.